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We need you. Here is a partial list of the ways you can help stateside with our projects.

Title Description
Volunteer Recruitment Team Recruit volunteers; work with Rotary and other groups to arrange work team members; and corporate liaisons to find separate project volunteers and fill those roles  identified.
Club & Community & Corporate Liaisons Find, contact & meet potential supporters to find ways to explain background, developments & goals and ways to support the project; then follow-up & maintain the relationships; include Rotary Clubs, others.
College and School Liaisons Work with schools to establish partnerships for Cange teachers & classrooms with potential pen pals, Beta Clubs, Honor Societies, French Clubs or Future Teachers; try to establish ongoing college, school or classroom fundraising projects.
Book Selection Team Order books; research sources of French and Kreyòl books; contact publishers for various collections, seek free or discounted books.
Book Donation & Shipment to Cange Arrange with donors to deliver their books to a Greenville warehouse for containers.
Fundraising Teams Plan and carry-out a fundraising strategy.
Campaign Manager Organize annual giving campaign with individuals, groups & businesses.
Contact new PILH Partners Meet potential donors of services, supplies & materials; place literature (i.e. pamphlets, etc.) in churches and organizations; involve volunteers.
Fundraising Team Plan & carry out a fundraising strategy.
Letter Writer Write thank you letter acknowledgements for donations of all kinds – individual donors, grants, and in-kind.
Dining Coordinators Organize Wine and Cheese, Dessert & Coffee, or Dinner parties for fundraising.
Grant Writers Write grants identified for the project with an experienced Grants’ Mentor.
Marketing Team Plan and carry out a marketing strategy.
Social Media Team Find volunteers to create Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts and keep them highly activated; coordinate with the website manager.
Artists To illustrate teaching materials & PR pieces.
Newsletter Creator Design a newsletter to post on the website, email or snail mail.
Finance Team Prepare the yearly budget; determine financial allocations.
Accountant Provide the accounting services; work with Rotary Charities Treasurer.