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Sample Agenda for a 1 Week Work Trip –

Prior to the Work Trip

  1. Translate the agenda, all questionnaires, and worksheets needed and make copies.
  2. Send these by email to the librarian.

One Week Visit

Here is what we would like to accomplish while on our trip for 6 days:

  1. Join in the training on the Dewey Decimal classification system.
  2. Practice, practice, practice classifying and processing the Dewey Decimal process with the new librarian.
  3. Meet with Books on Religion Haitian selection committee to select books.
  4. Meet with Teen/Young Adult Group to translate some of the children's books to French and to make high school subject area suggestions.
  5. Meet with high school teachers to recommend subject area titles. Show them the Scholastic Ca. Book club materials and website.
  6. Discuss goals and future plans with the Library Committee.

Your Accommodations While There

Friendship House has dining room, lounge with wi-fi, and guest rooms!

Another Friendship House Courtyard Balcony

Friendship House

Relax in the Courtyard

Balcony and Meeting Area

Bedroom Dining Area Mosaic Stairway

Bedroom has closet with lock
and vanity

Dining Area

Beautiful Mosaic Work