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Our Success thus Far

Most school children in the region grow up speaking Kreyòl at home and become fluent in French as they move upwards in grade levels. At first, there were only 20 books in Kreyòl and 600 books in French.  In addition, there were no modern computers, resource materials or Internet access and no organized oversight of the facility.  In just 3 years, progress has been made.

2013-14 - Focused on Cange Library development and expansion


2011-12 - Emphasized early reading 21 schools | 67 teachers | 3K-5K classes-1830 Children

4 yr. olds' first book alphabet chart

Four-year olds' first books

The 21 schools' first alphabet chart

New bins of books arrive Teachers Coral Group

New bins have transported a total of 840 books

Pre-K teachers practice choral reading of
books given to their classes