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Our First Library Project

Bon Sauveur Ecole

Bon Sauveur Ecole is next
to the library.

Since 2011, librarians have been supervising the library. Training has been provided by FOKAL, Haïti: Fondation Connaissance et Liberté and by PILH Steering Committee members. This relationship with FOKAL will be continued.  PILH Work Trip Teams visit usually twice a year with specific agendas for progress. It is hoped that a major university library school will assist and mentor the library’s training and development. PILH is seeking prospective mentors to collaborate with both the librarian and the Library Committee in an understanding of their roles.

After 3 years of involvement, the Cange Library is just starting to serve the minimal needs of 4 schools with 3,000 students and 95 teachers.

Children sitting at table

Eight donated computers now connect users to the internet.

Bon Sauveur, begun by Episcopalian Father Fritz LaFontant, and LaPleaide, begun by Baptist Rev. Joseph Leneus, both serve 3K through 13 grade levels (Baccalaureate level) and each have more than 1,100 students. Two additional schools, one primary and one high school level are also in the village.

The library is open for teacher-scheduled class visits. It also hosts activities such as free reading, puzzles, game, art fun, story, and movie times. Sustainable sources of funding are being sought for future growth to enhance the library's services and space.

Cange Library LaPleaide Ecoleis

We have already outgrown
our space!

LaPleaide Ecole across the road in the valley.