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How Our Project and PILH Began

The village of Cange rests on a mountain in the Central Plateau region of Haiti. In this least literate of all countries in the Western Hemisphere, the Central Plateau is the poorest region. In 2009, visiting Rotarians from upstate South Carolina found a small library accessible to only a few village elders. Cange leaders hoped the library would some day serve the three local schools with 2,700 students and 19 additional diocese schools surrounding Cange across Lake Peligre and on the mountainsides. They asked the Rotarian delegates to work alongside them in expanding the library to meet their vision; Father Fritz Lafontant with his wife "Mamito," the region's Episcopal leaders, approved the project.

Then the devastating earthquake of January 2010 impacted Cange as well as the rest of Haiti. More than 7,000 patients sought help from the Cange PIH Hospital. The library space became a medical supply depot until April 2011.

In Spring 2011, the PILH Steering Committee began meeting regularly in upstate South Carolina. Dr. Sara Mansbach became project advisor and, finally, in July 2011, the first Library Work Team journeyed to Cange. In 2012, the all-volunteer organization Partners in Literacy Haiti (PILH) was formed as a 501c3 under the umbrella of District 7750 Rotary Charities, Inc. In Haiti, the Cange Library Committee meets monthly to discuss mutual business with PILH.

Cange Library starting out in 2011 Internet and modern computers needed
July 2011, starting out. Internet and modern computers needed.

1st Work Team
1st Work Team members, 7750 Rotarians
Drs. Becky and Tom Faulkner, plan with Lucien Nourissant and Jackie Williams, Cange Library Committee officers.